A L I C E     G R A S S I


This work is a reflection about Spanish moss plant, in which the eponymous plant is in its specific r
 elationship of interdependence with trees.

The binding of empathetic feeling moves towards the feeding,
when the two parties mutually benefit of the primary nutrients, meant as knowledge as well as vital energy.T
 he roots of this work will run along a thought about the possibility of a dialogue between generations and dwell on the question of origins.

Alice Grassi and Ashley Wang have worked in collaboration. Spanish Moss a video by Grassi and Lost Touch With Oneself, music by Wang will be shown and performed at the same time. Music to be performed from the original score by the MIVOS quartet.

Made during the Artist in residence at A.C.A. Atlantic Centre for the arts, Master artist Jean Marc Bustamante, Florida. Made possible with funds granted from the Center and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. 

HD 16:9


Alice Grassi

Lost Touch With Oneself by Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang

Eve de Castro-Robinson, Alice Grassi

Alice Grassi

in Florida - Alice Grassi

in NY - Violetta D'Agata Hartmann (New York Film Academy)

ACA (Atlantic center for the arts) Florida, Takeshi Moro



Directed by:

Original Score:




Special Thanks: 

SPANISH MOSS - Previously presented:


HellHOT! New Music Festival, in the McAulay Studio, Wanchai, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong.

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in the Conservatory Orchestra Hall, Singapore.


Terra Arte, curated by F. D’Amico and C. Canali, Partenopoli, Italy



Psichic tv, video Art installation, Ass. Decifra, Altolab Kilowatt, Galleriy A. Moitre, Bo Italy    

Psichic tv, Ass. Decifra, Altolab, Spazio Ferramenta, Festa della musica, Turin, IT   

Psichic tv, Rassegna di video Arte, cur by Associazione Decifra, Studio Ellisse, Venezia

Psichic tv, Rassegna di video Arte, cur by Associazione Decifra,Banchina Molini Porto Marghera

Psichic tv, Rassegna di video Arte, cur by Associazione Decifra,Festival Arti sitetiche, Padova

© Alice Grassi 2016

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